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SA Titles 2010

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Medium sized technical track, med grip sugar water.  LTC body was 2/10th quicker than Mazdaspeed 6

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3R Gear Diff Build

August 23, 2010 5 comments

I got my 3 racing gear diff today so I thought I’d post a quick build review. I opened the bag and it seems to come with a huge amount of kit for a low price. Not only do you get the gear diff and a stack of shims for both inside and outside, you also get a pair of 15×10 bearings, and a small container of diff oil (I’m unsure the weight). Good start. The quality of all the parts also seems top notch.

Compared to the spec R diff the internal shims are far more industrial strength, not only are they huge in diameter, but they are 0.4mm thick and you use 2 of them. By comparison the Spec R shims are not half that thick, and you only get one per side (though I used 2 per side).

On closer inspection of the pulley, it turns out it was damaged in the post. A bit of CA fixed it up. Of course it was the 37t one that was damaged, and not the un needed 38t. No doubt I can swap it with one of the sakura crowd if the diff works on the track.

The rest of the build went quite smoothly, one thing I found interesting was that the gasket was rubber rather than the normal card/paper type arrangement. With the diff build the action wasn’t perfect, but neither was the Spec R when I first installed that.

Into the car and now I realise why it comes with so many shims, with all of them on the diff the fit was a little tight between the bulkheads so I dropped one off either side and we’re set to run in.

With the wheels back on the action still leaves a bit to be desired, a bit too tight and a little inconsistent. I ran it in just like a ball diff, first holding one wheel and running the car at part throttle for 30 seconds, then repeat holding the other wheel. Now it’s starting to loosen up a bit and the action itself is quite smooth, certainly smoother than the Spec R was at the same time. The oil does feel quite heavy though, so I may need something lighter when I hit the track. The first time I’ll get to test it is in practice on Friday at the South Australian State Titles, time will tell if it’s as good or better than the Spec-R.

Edit: one thing I forgot to mention was the 3.5mm driveshaft blades. These are an absolute bitch to get on! Hopefully that means they’ll last a while.

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Snowbirds 2010

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Jilles’ winning setup from snowbirds 2010

Jilles Snowbirds 2010 Setup

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LRP Masters 2010

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Jilles’ setup from the 2010 LRP Masters

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TITC 2010

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Jilles’ setup from TITC 2010 at RC Addict in Thailand

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Worlds Bangkok 2008

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The winning TRF team setup from the 2008 Worlds at RCS

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Base Asphalt Setup

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Jilles’ base setup for asphalt

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