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TC Hub: Now With Part Numbers

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

A constant annoyance for me is having to re-find part numbers that I have already found before and long forgotten. I know the manual is always there, but the PDFs are hard to read, you can’t copy them, and they don’t have the part name which makes it hard to order from the places we order from. Also, not all the parts I like and use are Tamiya.

So what’s the answer? Well, it may be this or it may not. Introducing the TC Hub Part Number Library. It’s a living thing, which will be updated as I order more parts 😉

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October 20, 2010 2 comments

While doing some routine maintenance* I noticed that the top deck was tight between the bulkhead clamps at each end of the car, which was causing a slight bow to the chassis. To correct the tweak I needed to file a small amount of material off the ends of the top deck so that I could sit the chassis flat on the setup board and install the top deck without it pinching between the bulkhead clamps. NOTE: when I made this change I had to tighten my front belt and re-set my droop because both were out from the original tweek. My car was also 2/10ths faster without the tweak. I’ll try and take a photo soon!


* OK I monged it into a barrier and stripped a spur… and part of the motor can… ahem

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October 14, 2010 1 comment

Well, I finally got time to bolt on the Smokem FX chassis this week. Compared to the Smokem LP deck, the new chassis is made of thinner carbon fibre – 2.2mm compared to 2.3. This adds more flex, but that’s just the start. There are big cutouts all over the place which combine with super narrow areas near the inboard suspension blocks to create massive flex which concentrates at each end of the car. I’ve noticed that there is so much flex at the front that the steering rack actually moves, so I plan on doing some testing with the carbon fibre brace to see if that helps with the accuracy of the steering, or if there’s not really any issue besides it looking a bit odd…

Now on to the track… after sampling the Smokem LP deck earlier in the year and finding it a little too stiff for the tracks I run on, I was a little sceptical that the FX deck could top the Tamiya lipo conversion. Having run my car over the weekend and it being a bit loose, and hearing reviews that the FX added steering, I was expecting my car to be an oversteering pile of poop. After I hit the track all expectations and reservations were blown away, my car had way more steering but also tonnes of rear end grip. It was also super easy to drive and changed direction with ease, and the net results was better lap times.

So after a rocky start I’ve been converted to a Smokem fanboy. The only real problem with the chassis is how hard it is to mount weights to with all the cutouts 🙂

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