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Racing Racing Racing!

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Lots of exciting racing coming up in the next few months!

This weekend is the Muchmore Masters at our very own Sydney Model Autosports ( Last year’s event was held prior to the revamp so for many this will be their first chance to sample the great new curbs. The mod entry list reads like a who’s who of EP touring car with current VIC/NSW/National champ Ryan Maker (Hot Bodies) lining up along with the reinvigorated former champ and TITC A finalist Simon Nicholson (Kyosho), plus a swagger of other top drivers including Team XRAY’s own Ari Bakla and Tim Lee. Tim will be one to watch as he tests regularly at SMA. Stock is also looking great with a number of state title holders in the mix, and the event will also see the first real test for the 21.5t zero timing class, not to mention 12th and mini. Entry is still open, so check the SMA website for details.

After Muchmore the focus will shift to NSW State titles which are being held in the first weekend of July at Moorebank Raceway: a fast and flowing strip of smooth undulating black top, the track will be a real test of driver and car. I’ve got to admit I have my work cut out for me if I am to make the amain, I know the track well but I’ve not used the Sweep control tyres before and my car has never been great out there, so I’m dedicating a lot of time to test.

Even if the titles don’t go that great, the testing will come in handy for what could be the biggest onroad EP event ever held in this country, the FEMCA championships which are being held in September at the SORMCC circuit in Whalan. The track is tighter than Moorebank, but it’s also quite large with a similar surface, and importantly the control tyre is again the Sweep 36. Who knows who we’ll see enter this race, hopefully we’ll see some international talent!

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XRAY T3’11

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

The obligatory shot of the new(ish) ride. Current set up is:

  • XRAY T3 2011
  • Sanwa M11x (new!)
  • Nosram 5.0t octawind
  • LRP SXX TC version 1
I’m not finished with the wiring but it’s neat enough for now. Soldering onto the LRP PCB is a real pain so I’m just going to curl the ESC wire until I can get my hands on a crimper. Sorry for the lousy pic.
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A New Start

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve decided to shift the focus of the blog slightly to include a bit more about events and my experiences. I’ve decided to take the blog in this direction basically so I’ll have something to write about… I should back up a bit

It all started last October. SMA, my home club, was hosting the NSW State Titles, and with the National Titles being held just a month later in Bendigo VIC I decided to give the 416X a thorough freshen up. I replaced the entire drivetrain, belts, pulleys, unis, added a ceramic bearing set, and replaced all the plastics. Along with the very new Smokem FX deck, the car was like new, and it showed. I was able to put the car on TQ, and after 3 very close finals I fortunate enough to take the win.

Aside from all the excitement of winning a state title, and our club hosting a great event, there was something else going on at the event that caught my eye. The newly released XRAY T3 2011 was performing smashingly on debut in the hands of Team XRAY Australia drivers Tim Lee and Ari Bakla.

Now something to understand about the Australian hobby landscape is that not all brands are well supported here. Tamiya for example, has a large local distributor, however the distributor does not bring any TRF stock into the country, instead choosing to focus on the hobby market. This can make it challenging to run TRF cars since there is zero local support and all parts need to be sourced from overseas, leaving you at the mercy of Asian hobby stores’ stock levels and international post. XRAY on the other hand, has great local parts support and a big Aussie team of talented drivers to bounce setup ideas off. By now you know where this is going…

Fast forward 6 months and my T3’11 is going great. It handles great everywhere I take it, instantly responds to setup changes, is bulletproof, and has hardly worn in that time… but more on that in another post, this one is about why I’ve changed the blog. With the switch to XRAY the resources side is all but taken care of by XRAY HQ. The XRAY forum provides access to the car’s designers and world class team drivers, it has an awesome setup repository, and XRAY provides all manner of information like the setup guide, gear charts, and parts lists. In other words, they leave me nothing to do. So instead I’ll be writing about my experiences with the car, and other products that I use and like, as well as events I attend. Hopefully you guys enjoy the new focus.

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TC Hub V1 is Back

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Yep it took a couple months but I’ve finally got the Photon site back up and running in all of it’s goey red goodness. Click here to go get your Photon on, eventually I’ll migrate all the stuff over to the blog but for now everything is back to business as usual.

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