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Last day of TITC and the pits were pretty pumped. I was nowhere to be seen so I drank my feelings last night with Groomie and neither of us arrived before 1pm. That’s BKK for ya!

By the time I had arrived Meen had won the first final in mod but then bobbled in the second Amain which allowed Jilles to take the win ahead of Hara, so it all came down to the last run. In the third Amain Meen took an easy win ahead of Jilles. Pumpy and Victors cars both looked good but they couldn’t make much headway from down the grid. The funny thing is at this track none of these guys looked super smooth the way Ronald did at FEMCA. Everyone’s car was super aggressive and they were all making mistakes – Marc put it into the bushes once and Jilles had spin coming onto the straight. It’s good to know these guys are human at least.

The big news however was to be F1, with Ed Clark putting his car on P5 and Machete and me as his pit men. In F1 it was a 20 min final and had a mandatory pit change to the different compound tyre, just like real F1! Unlike many pit crews – eg Illevski and Damo – we had practiced and worked out our process. To say the least the Amain went well, after a bad star Ed was moving through the field and then came in for his pit stop, machete and me turned him around in like 20 seconds while most people were doing 1min pit stops. Ed jumped 4 places in the stop and then passed the remaining 3 cars to take the win. Hideo and Andy Moore were both racing, so that’s a great effort!

The after party was pretty cool, there was free food and beer for everyone and people were having a great time. Satoshi gave me his card and said to email him if I have any issues with the tamiya – how good is that?! Kiyo gave me some tips too! Ant and I crashed the presentation for F1 and everyone sang Ed happy birthday (it was his 30th today).

Tonight were heading out with everyone which should be very interesting, apparently Jilles and Victor are coming along with the AE boys. Last night we went out with Juho and Kevin and neither of them were looking great today, they were even smashing beers when i arrived at the track today to take the edge off – awesome work!

So that’s it, my first TITC done and dusted and a good time was had. The learning curve is so steep but you learn so much at the same time, hopefully I’ll be back next year more prepared for the conditions.

Now, to have a couple of 150s and then head out to party.

McPhee signing off…

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February 26, 2012 Leave a comment

First off, apologies for the lack of updates, things have been kinda hectic.

Big trouble with the tyres for mod with most of the top guys blowing out inserts. The Muchmore inserts were absolute crap compared to the stock inserts so they changed the mod tyre to the same as the stock and dropped a round of qualifying so we could have a round of practice instead. Then today they changed the tyre again for the mod Amains, the Tammy boys weren’t happy!

Back to yesterday though, I won my first 13.5 heat but being in the 4th heat the time didn’t stand up because we were cleaning the track essentially. The car was ok but it was hard to drive and it was screwing up my driving with the tamiya. The day before while on a decent run in mod with the little tammy fellah my speedie thermalled, so i pulled that out of the car and put hobbywing in.

After the first run of qualy yesterday I decided to bench the Kyosho and run the tamiya in both classes, just changing the motor and settings between runs – Best decision ever! In the last stock heat I was on for a top 20 time but had two mongs. In mod I sucked hard, in the last run with a weapon car I stripped the gear diff Ed gave me so didn’t even get off the grid

As for the others, Marc Fischer TQ’d FWD with a weapon dialed serpent, Meen TQ’d mod and Chavit TQ’d stock… I think Hideo TQ’d F1, and I have no idea about mini. Some of the aussies are going well, Shane made the mini Amain I think, Simon made the Amain in FWD, Rod badman and Ed made the Amain in F1 and Caretti and Ryan both made B’s in stock and mod respectively.

When the results went up it was quite funny, in mod D there was Simon, Justin, Sandy,
and Tom, the guys were saying it was like a TFTR final.

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Qualifying day 1 (part 1)

February 25, 2012 Leave a comment

So racing started today and man it was cool. We kicked off with 13.5 and I was real glad to be in one of the last heats because the track was slippery as all hell when groomie and others hit the track earlier. Still when my heat came around the car was woeful again and I posted a pretty average time. Caretti continued hIs good run posting the 4th best time (IIRC).

Next up was mod, and I managed to get my new car ready to hit the track in time for my heat, but didn’t get to prep or sand my tyres. Considering Q1 was my first laps with the cart went quite well, the car had way more grip than the Kyosho and more corner speed, stability and steering. I did have a slight bobble, and ended 4th in my heat but with the fastest lap, 0.3 better than I had managed with the k car.

To be continued…

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Controlled practice

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Busy couple of days, apologies for the lack of update last night – reason to follow

Yesterday was the first day of controlled practice, until then it was open practice. Wednesday was very busy with the drivers stand 3-4 people deep at times, then for CP heats were allocated and we practiced in groups for the first time, with two CP runs to be done during the day and the best time would decide our qualifying heats. For me my first stock heat sucked, I was 4th heat on the track so the grip was appalling, and the car that worked so well in the high grip arvo evening sessions the day before sucked ass. Still, the time was ok, and many of the other Aussies were around me like JV, Gav, Alex, etc. I’d also managed to end up in the very first mod heat, fortunately I put in a decent run, and the grip was decent because 11 heats of 13.5 had run before me but the car was stressing me out by this time. Importantly I had also moved from our upstairs pit tables which were way too hot to a table downstairs with the TRF team right behind me.

The other Aussies were having mixed results, Ant was killing it in 13.5 and Ryan was our best in mod. Simon broke a belt in the first round and then had a speedie issue in the second round so really had his work cut our for him. It’s probably fair to say than none of the kyoshos were very good.

In the second round things went much better for me in stock, with a good clean run on a grippy but not too hot track, I ended up seeded 16th for qualifying, Ant was like 5th or something, really going well.

With mod stressing me out so much, and Jilles Marc and Kiyo right behind me I made a rather drastic setup change when I decided to buy a 417x from the track shop to assemble that night. When I got back to the table Kiyo very generously wrote down a setup for me and pulled out all the extra parts needed to put the setup on my car, so nice!

The following mod heat did not go well, my car spun in the sweeper and was collected by the next car breaking a knuckle. So home to the hotel to assemble the new car and hopefully a better day.

No photos sorry, the day was busy!

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Open practice – last day

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Interesting day today, if I could sum it up in one word that would probably be “trying”. It’s not that things were bad, it was more that you had to do a lot of work for little gains. My cars that were great yesterday were crap today so I finally took to my mod chassis with the dremel and turned it into the SP chassis that Simon and JV are running, and the results sucked for two runs until finally landing on a decent setup in the early afternoon.

Similarly with the viper speedie, it took Wong from viper 2 hrs to wire my speedie up, I checked it and it was good then when I went for a drive it wouldn’t turn on. He quickly pulled that one out and dropped a new one in and the results were very impressive, I had enough punch to run with factory mod drivers through the infield! Wong will be here all weekend so I think we’ll be pretty sorted when it comes to power.

I didn’t see much of the top guys running today, but I did get to meet Hara and he was quite happy with his car though still trying more changes because in his words these conditions only come around once per year. He told me he lives at the track, Iike literally has an apartment in the complex and practices every day – awesome!

Tomorrow is controlled practice, from which your best 3 consecutive laps will decide the qualifying heats. Check out JV’s heat as well as Antoni’s, I’ll try video them tomorrow!




Team Tamiya, the smiling guy is Kiyo Suzuki, designer of 416/7







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Open practice

February 22, 2012 3 comments

Another great day at the track today, as with yesterday the track started out slippery and gripped up big time in the afternoon and evening, it’s becoming apparent that people will need a number of setups to deal with the changing track conditions.

The most notable arrival today was the team associated pair of Juho Levanen and Kevin Hebert, I got to watch them cut some laps while waiting for a spot on the drivers stand and their cars were looking good already but both were suffering from some understeer, I’m sure they’ll sort it out with some more laps.

The Aussies seem to be going pretty well too, both Simon and Ryan are cutting good lap times in mod (probably Sandy too but I didn’t get to catch up with him), and Machete is whipping in stock while both Sienniak and Vercoe were happy with their FWDs, at least before the grip came up. Groomie and I spent some time watching the night run of mod/stock and the amount of cars we saw traction rolling in the sweeper and hitting the fence was insane, in Ryan’s words if he uses more than 1/4 lock through there he traction rolls, that’s how crazy the grip is!

In mod Rheinard and Groskamp are looking real quick, as is Hara but he is traction rolling in the night run too. It will be really interesting when controlled practice starts on Thursday and we see the true speed of these guys. It’s funny, some people are running with window masks on to hide their setups.

Stock is an epic speedie battle, viper have their software developer here and he’s written 3 updated versions of the software based on their drivers feedback. Ant is reaping the benefits there, his car is looking really dialed and it is super fast down the straight and tomorrow I’ll be bolting one in too – happy days.

For me a pretty good day, I painted up an LTC at the track and both cars were much better with it. The mod car had me scratching my head this morning because is was awful with the stock car setup even though the stock car was dialed, towards the end of the day I pulled the diff out and went back to kit unis with the kooky Kyosho ball system and put softer springs on and the car was pretty weapon. Tomorrow i’ll get the stopwatch out and properly time my cars, but I think now I have a good baseline and I’ll just be tweaking from here on in.

Here are some pics from today:

This is the pits, you can see team tamiya in force with Satoshi, Kiyo, Marc and Pumpi in shot
This is the view from our pit benches





There are two hobby stores on site. Prices are good and they have heaps of stock plus stuff wedding have back home like the tornado fans


… and I just realised its 1am. Night!

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