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ACT Titles – Finals

March 18, 2012 4 comments

Well that sucked, I must have run over a black cat last night…

We went out for dinner right next to the site of the soon to be built ACT track, a meal that agreed with some more than others, and then headed to Alex’s house for some pool and drinks. While at dinner it rained torrentially, so we knew the track would be completely different today.

We arrived to a damp track covered in leaves and debris. Due to the changed conditions we were allowed some practice once the track was ready and the track was surprisingly good. I tried a few setup changes and was feeling good about the day.

WRONG! In Q6 while leading my car was struck on the straight by an out of control car recovering from a crash without checking the track was clear. Very disappointing since I had seen the car bouncing down the straight, lifted and changed my line only to have the driver hit the gas out in front of me as soon as his car stopped rolling. My car flipped over the boards and missed the loop so my run was over, TQ was lost and my car was horribly tweaked with a bent motor mount.

After 30 mins trying unsuccessfully to de-tweak my car it was time for finals. In stock Keith drove a great flag to flag victory, pulling almost a lap on the entire field. In 12th Hiroshi’s 12th scale was similarly weapon dialed, lapping the field and taking an impressive win also. Next was mod and after a bit of argy bargy we were away with Mark in 1 and me in 2, Lionel 3 and Matty dead last after a bad start. After a couple laps I lost steering due to an unscrewed servo saver so Mark took the win ahead of Lionel and Matty did a great job to recover to 3rd, and almost 2nd.

The second Amains went a lot like the first, Keith again took the flag to flag victory with lap times as quick as the top mod cars, an awesome overall win for Keffy! Likewise in 12th Hiroshi took the win and overall victory, so two titles for SMA!

Mod too went much the same way as the first race, Keith noticed my servo saver was not right, so a quick change was required, and the start was delayed for another driver which meant our tyres were quite cold by the start. My car spun the first time through the sweeper so I was well down, and while managing to make my way back to second the car got worse and worse and eventually undriveable over the bumps so I brought it in to avoid damage to myself or others. Mark to took the race win ahead of Matty and Lionel, and the overall title to go with TQ – a great effort and enjoyable to race with as ever!

After a hat trick of DNFs I had well and truly had enough, so packed up early and didn’t compete in A3. A really disappointing way to end the event and to farewell the Kambah track, but I guess that’s racing as they say. The next event is the Vic titles in two weeks time, hopefully i can steer clear of black cats, ladders, and mirrors until then.

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ACT Titles – Qualifying Day 1

March 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Here we go again! I set off at 4:30AM for the 3 hour drive to our nation’s capital to compete in the Australian Capital Territory EP Titles, presented by Team Associated and being held at the famous Kambah circuit. Despite pouring rain for the entire drive we were greeted by a dry track and a nice sunny day.

Some open practice was held before a quick drivers meeting and as expected the Sweep OG40 spec tyres’ modest grip would be the main talking point of the event – I was surprised by just how little grip there was despite the track having a heavy coat of VHT. Regardless, my car had good balance and I was confident that the grip would come up so I made few changes prior to Q1.


When we hit the track for Q1 the grip was still super low, most of the stock cars were looking pretty poor, but it was still clear the guys to beat would be Alex Illevski, Keith Chui, Dan Garcia and Gav Hatherly. If I remember correctly Dan TQd the first run. Mod was rather interesting in the first run, I used the wrong goop so my car looped coming onto the straight early in the run and I was to end up 3rd begind Mark Wallin and Matty Stamboulis.

As the day wore on the grip came up and by the end of the day we were only half a second off our times from last year on the much better Muchmore tyre. In stock Keith was able to lock in TQ with a number of great consistent runs while the others had some issues, Alex cooked a motor and Dan broke in one of the runs. In mod it’s really close between the top 3, I was able to TQ 3 of the 5 runs but also had a DNF when I pulled my car in to save tyres after clocking the boards through the sweeper. While I’m seeded first for today’s last qualifier Mark also has 2 TQs so it will come down to the last qualifier until the finals grid is sorted. Currently Mark is seaded 2 with Matty 3 and Lionel 4.


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