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417X Test Setups

May 9, 2012 Leave a comment

A couple more setups, just testing a few different ideas. At the moment I’m liking Viktor’s setups, check them out at

This is as narrow as you can get on the 417x, so has a lot of grip.
TRF417X Setup – Craig McPhee – SMA – 20120506

Yet to try this but think it will address some of the issues with running the team setups in low grip. Should roll less at the front and have more on power grip, but still good steering.
TRF417X Test Setup 1 – Craig McPhee – SMA – 20120509

Also yet to try this, it is a basic setup with the addition of anti-squat which Jilles recommended for better on-power grip in his thread.
TRF417X Test Setup 2 – Craig McPhee – SMA – 20120509

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