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TRF417 Base Setup – Carpet

And now for the carpet setup…


I have had very little time to run on carpet but my car was excellent at AOC Melbourne and hopefully it will be again at AOC Yatabe a fortnight from now.

A few changes from the asphalt setup, mostly to take away the bite that carpet gives:

  1. Front shocks more upright – this is track dependent but it improves turn-in and stops the car from bitting mid corner
  2. Lighter oils – as the grip comes up you may need to increase oils but I found 400 best for shocks and 2-3k in the rear diff. For traction roll try harder rear shock oil, 500
  3. Less camber change/higher front RC – again to take away front bite, improve direction change and also increases corner speed
  4. Springs – different springs for carpet. I like the Tamiya springs, but I will test more with Yokomo springs at AOC. For lower grip carpet a softer spring may be better like Tamiya blue front and yellow rear (kit springs)
  5. Wider track width (1mm wheel spacers) – again takes away some bite but also improves stability. This is track and grip dependent too but well worth playing with

Some rebound can also be helpful on carpet – it will again take away some grip particularly mid corner where the risk of traction roll is highest, and it will improve responsiveness even more. The last thing you want on carpet is a lazy car!

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