TRF Part Number Library

Do you have this problem? I seem to be forever searching over and over for the same part numbers every time I need a set of spool cups or a new pair of HPI springs, and it can be a massive pain in the butt because I know I knew them before. So here it is, a big list of all the parts I find handy…

51253 Tamiya 416 B Parts (Bumper/Body Posts)
51332 TRF416 C Parts (Front Upright)
51333 TRF416 E Parts (Rear Upright)
54031 TA05-IFS Carbon Reinforced F Parts (C Hubs)
9804388 Delrin Direct Cup
53928 Short Reversible Sus Arm
51441 TRF417 Spur Gear (113T)

54143 TRF416 Low friction Belt Front
54144 TRF416 Low Friction Belt Rear
54207 TRF416X Low Friction Belt (R)
51439 TRF417 Low Friction Drive Belt Front

Gear Diff
42197 Gear Differential Unit II
51469 Diff Cup Joint L&R
51460 TA06 Gear Diff Bevel Gear
51464 TA06 Gear Differential Unit Gasket (4pcs)
51468 TRF417 Differential II Pulley Case 37T
51470 Maintenance Parts Set for Gear Differential

STV-105C Square Steel Spool Cup for TRF417
42216 Double Cardan Joint Shaft 44mm (2)

53501 42mm Swing Shaft for Assembly Universal Shaft Set
51092 TB EVO 4 46mm Swing Shaft
53890 Swing Shaft Pin Protector
53500 Cross Joints for Assembly Universal Shaft Set (Uni rebuild kit)
PO-DT1007TI T.O.P. Photon Al. Axle Pin Holder (Titanium)

Suspension Blocks
54070 TB-03 Sus. Mount 1B
54071 TB-03 Sus. Mount 1C
54072 TB-03 Sus. Mount 1D
54069 TB-03 Sus. Mount 1A
54068 TB-03 Sus. Mount 1X
54067 TB-03 Sus. Mount 1XA
54066 TB-03 Sus. Mount 1XB
54073 TB-03 Sus. Mount 1E

54171 Separate Sus Mounts 1X
54172 Separate Sus Mounts 1XA/1A
54173 Separate Sus Mounts 1XB/1B
54174 Separate Sus Mounts 1XC/1C
54175 Separate Sus Mounts 1XD/1D

Carbon Parts
4004065 Upper Deck for 416WE
42182 TRF416X Upgrade Set

6542 Racing Shock Spring 14x25x1.4mm 6 Coils (Blue)
6543 Racing Shock Spring 14x25x1.5mm 6.5coils (Silver)
53574 TRF Damper Rod/O-ring
42165 TRF Damper Pistons – Blank
53918 TRF Damper V Parts 2Pcs – Low Friction (Damper Collar)
53599 Fluorine Coated 5mm Aluminium Ball Nut

Random Stuff
54209 5x5mm Fluorine Coated Hex Head Ball Connector
54208 5×8mm Fluorine Coated Hex Head Ball Connector
53906 5x5mm Alum Ball Connector
53907 5x8mm Alum Ball Connector
53969 5x8mm Hex Head Ball Connector (Hard)
53539 5.5mm Aluminum Spacer Set
9804382 4.5X3.5mm Flanged Tube
51000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)
PA-STFBL2 T.O.P. Fiberglass Filament Tape (50m x 16mm)(Blue)
1331 TQ racing black 13 gauge 3ft (approx 91cm)

  1. Wayne Morris
    October 21, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    were was this last week when i was looking for parts these in particulur as i couldnt find

    PO-DT1007TI T.O.P. Photon Al. Axle Pin Holder (Titanium

  1. October 21, 2010 at 11:50 am

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